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A Complete Platform For Fair Exams & Proctoring

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An Online Exam Platform


A Complete Proctoring Service


A Platform to conduct Online Examinations in a free and fair Practise where there is no hassle for Teachers or students

Fresh & Simple UI

A well crafted UI for Teacher's Dashboard. Moreover , a simple UI for the Student's Examination Portal

Light Weight

A very light weight Application, which can be loaded on any Server regardless of the Bandwidth Capacity

ZAP Mode

ZAP mode enables the Teacher to setup an Exam test in the Quickest and Easiest way Possible


The most effective Procoring Service Made for Everyone


A Real-Time Communication enables the Proctor to view the Student's Activity

Smart Logging

The proctor gets alert when a Student does something uncommon During a Test

Live Chat

The Proctor and student can chat regarding technical issues , Queries or any Malpractises